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CYBER strategy

What is Cyber Strategy?

A cybersecurity strategy provides an organization with a framework to execute cybersecurity responsibilities during a 3-5 year timeframe, to keep pace with the evolving cyber risk landscape by reducing vulnerabilities and building resilience; countering malicious actors in cyberspace; responding to incidents; and making their cyber ecosystem more secure and resilient.

The threat landscape

Does your strategy reflect the threat landscape? Do you know the threats related to your company, products, and team? At Ockom we can help define these threats, categorize them, assign a meaningful risk rating, and help you create a strategy to achieve cybersecurity dominance.

Strategic Imperatives

Understand and match adversary capabilities


Anticipate and identify technological changes, and exploit and operationalize emerging technologies and disruptive innovations. Rapidly transfer technologies to scalable operational capabilities. Enable your most valuable assets: your people. Ensure the readiness of incident response teams in the event of a cyber attack, and utilize internal and external penetration testers to stay ahead of the adversarial curve.

Integrate cybersecurity strategy in all business areas


Ensure that all key stakeholders are involved in strategy, and seek new stakeholders. Ensure that those implementing the strategy tactically, are heard often and listened to effectively. Integrate cybersecurity capabilities and plans and operations across all business units. Find and operationalize appropriate standards and processes. Ensure that product security is built in at the begining of every product roadmap.

Operationalize defense for agile and effective response


Facilitate speed and agility for cybersecurity in policy guidance, decision-making processes, investments, and operational concepts. Ensure every process—from target system analysis to risk assessment, from requirements identification to fielded solutions, and from initial team development concepts to fully institutionalized business management activities—aligns to the operational cybersecurity environment.

Expand, deepen, and operationalize partnerships


Leverage the talents, expertise, and products in government and industry and academia. Rapidly identify and understand cybersecurity advances wherever they originate and reside. Increase the scope and speed of inter-business-unit information sharing, operational planning, capability development, and roadmap planning. Enable and bolster industry relationships.

Product security strategy

Often the security of your products, code development, and applications gets overlooked during cyber strategic planning. Let Ockom help you build out your product security team, integrate proper pentesting to verify security controls or features, and shape a strategy and vision that keeps your organization and customers secure.
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Strategize Today

Why wait and begin haphazardly into a course of action without a strategy? Let Ockom's experts guide you in creating a full spectrum strategy, realistic and meaningful policy, and a plan of implementation and helping to create a culture of cybersecurity.

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