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Application Security

Design. Build. Test. Deploy. All done securely.

Writing Code?

Ockom’s Secure Code Review group provides services within your development cycle or after, to review and test code in the CI/CD pipeline. Instead of paying the hefty cost of static and dynamic code tools, leverage our processes which not only leverage such tools, but also streamline false positive removal and immediate dynamic testing.

A solution for
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Just like a Static Analysis tool, Ockom’s Secure Code Review team can be integrated and embedded directly with your dev ops team. Whether we fulfill the DevSecOps role or just augment it in the CI/CD, our team is prepared to help your team for the long run.

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Ockom can provide services to those in the DOD space or operating under certain security classifications (Secret, Top Secret, or SAP programs). Our cleared partners can perform analysis onsite alongside your operators, in an effective and efficient manner.

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Secure Code Review

Instead of integrating or embedding with your devops team, we can take your bundled code and perform our tests on it; providing cumulative re- ports and updates. This option works well during patch review and early in the development phase.

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We'll help you find out.

Got a 0̸day?

Regardless of which integration method you choose, secure code review is a must for anyone developing an application or using a 3rd party application. Especially when security and reputation is on the line.
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AppSec redefined

Ockom helps developers write secure code. We test everything from machine code, API's, to integrations and processes. With Ockom helping to fix vulnerabilities when they are found, you can make security a seamless part of your development lifecycle without sacrificing speed or innovation.