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Enablinga secure cyberspace

Complex problems do not require complex solutions


We provide advanced pentesting service to include everything from exploit architecture to social engineering. Our Red Team is comprised of offensive cybersecurity experts and therefore we can better simulate real world attacks on your infrastructure, apps, employees, and more.

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Static and dynamic secure code review can prevent a 0day before your product is even released. We can integrate with your dev environment, or analyze binaries in our lab and incorporate pentesting techniques to help find vulnerabilities early.

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From CMMC, to HIPPA, to Plug & Play compliance software, we can help you manage your risk tolerance and cyber strategy. Our unique industry experience can help you stay 100% compliant and stop chasing inspection cycles, regardless of size or staffing.

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The Ockom


Using the principles articulating by Occam himself, we believe that the best solution is generally a simple one. Simplicity does not negate effectiveness or efficiency.

Adversarial Thinking

Our team members were selected in part because of their proven ability to think outside the box, logically, and critically about a problem and solution. We apply such skills to everything we do.

EE (Effectiveness & Efficiency)

Our team always reviews all previous methods, models, and processes to determine if they are truly in the most effective and efficient state. Allowing us to always be state of the art.


Security and the other principles mentioned begins at the design phase. Ockom routinely employs the KISS principle whenever reviewing or creating a design. We help our customers design security and simplicity from the ground up.

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Find Bugs Early

Integrated AppSec

Ockom’s AppSec services are designed to integrate with each other and complement a full spectrum cybersecurity solution. Which is a lot of mumbo jumbo to say that we can help you make sure you didn’t build in a vulnerability into your code pre-deployment.
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Razor is an all-in-one enterprise cyber risk management and compliance orchestration and automation tool. Razor helps you to organize, correlate, and visualize disparate data sets from common compliance scanners and tools -- giving you a single, centralized vantage point to view the risk, vulnerability, and compliance status of your entire organization. Razor’s flexible dashboards and comparison tools provide efficient, user-friendly options to increase organization-wide situational awareness -- allowing your cyber professionals to identify key areas of improvement and quickly develop plans of action to solve deficiencies. Razor also provides the tools necessary to streamline cyber assessments for FISMA, RMF, Penetration test, and vulnerability assessments.